In book shops now, in preparation for the Jubilee, the new book by Archbishop Fisichella

27 June 2024

From June 25th, the new book, Sperare per tutti. Parole umane sulla Speranza, (Hope for all. Human words on hope) will be available in book shops. The title is the latest work of the Pro-Prefect of the Dicastery for Evangelization, Archbishop Rino Fisichella, who has overall responsibility for the organisation of the 2025 Jubilee year. The anthology, edited by the Vatican publishing house, has been written in preparation for the Holy Year – a year in which all believers are called to become ‘pilgrims of hope’ in the world and to come as ‘pilgrims of hope’ to Rome.


We all need hope, but if we are asked what hope is, we struggle to explain it. Hope is often both undefined and undefinable, but we know that without it we cannot live. We begin to understand it if we consider that we are pilgrims in this life and not wanderers without a destination and when we understand that hope, for the Christian, is closely linked to faith and charity. Putting these features into practise gives credibility to the believer


In the new book Archbishop Fisichella accompanies the reader in a meditation on the human and Christian understanding of hope, not limiting himself to the word of God, but bringing together the echo of truth which many authors have transmitted in their literary works. Thus, we find a variety of voices talking about hope such as Charles Peguy and Francesco Alberoni, Hesiod and St Augustine,  Ignazio Silone and Pope Francis, Fernando Pessoa and Jurgen Moltmann, and many others. This polyphony of voices, according to the author,  becomes a ‘tangible sign of men and women who have hoped in a different present and a better future.’