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Pilgrims Welcome Center - Info Point

The Pilgrims’ Center – Info Point is the main reference point for pilgrims and tourists who want to stay updated about the upcoming Jubilee Year 2025.


The premises are situated at number 7 on the Via della Conciliazione and are currently open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am until 5pm.  


At the Pilgrims’ Center people can find out the main ways of participating in pilgrimages to the Holy Door and learn about preparatory events for the Jubilee, as well as find out about volunteering.

It is also a distribution point for information leaflets and flyers containing basic information about the Jubilee and the various pilgrim routes round Rome such as the Seven Churches Pilgrimage, the pilgrim route of the Female Doctors of the Church and the Patrons of Europe and the Churches of Europe itinerary. A team of staff will be always available at the Info Point.

As the Jubilee Year approaches the Pilgrims’ Center will increasingly become a welcome point for those arriving in Rome, as well as the hub for organizing bookings and access requests. It will also distribute the ‘testimonium’ for pilgrims. Given its strategic position on the Via della Conciliazione it will also serve as a reference point for all eventualities for both pilgrims and volunteers.