Jubilee Preparation Commissions

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Preparatory Commissions for the Jubilee of 2025


Pastoral Commission

The Pastoral Commission is a working group composed mainly of representatives from each Dicastery of the Roman Curia and representatives from various other Church bodies. Their collaboration with the Dicastery for Evangelization consists in planning the various Jubilee celebrations so as to allow the greatest possible involvement of the People of God.


Cultural Commission

The Cultural Commission focuses on developing a range of cultural activities such as exhibitions, concerts and performances which will take place alongside the strictly religious celebrations to enrich the Jubilee programme. The aim is to also welcome and involve pilgrims on a cultural level.


Commission for Communication

The Commission for Communication brings together journalists from various news outlets, alongside academics and experts in new media to support the Dicastery in its work of providing information and communicating news of the Jubilee.


Ecumenical Commission

The Ecumenical Commission provides support to the Dicastery in the organisation and celebration of events to highlight the 1700th anniversary of the Council of Nicaea (325), whose anniversary falls within the Jubilee year. It is also working on the theme of ‘Hope’ in the area of inter-religious dialogue.


Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is a working group which provides support to the Dicastery in the logistical planning of Jubilee events, and on such areas as managing the Basilicas, security, healthcare and management of volunteers.


Delegates from Italian Dioceses and Episcopal Conferences

The enlarged Commissions which are composed of delegates from the dioceses of Italy and worldwide Episcopal Conferences work on the establishment and maintenance of links between the Dicastery and Italian and international Church bodies. This ‘bridge’ is essential to facilitate organisation and to share information between the Dicastery and local dioceses, and vice-versa.