Lateran University to launch Higher Education Course on the Jubilee this October

13 June 2024

From 15 October to 13 November 2024 the Pontifical Lateran University will run a Higher Education Course entitled "Giubileo 2025" as part of the academic year 2024-2025. The ten classes, each lasting 90 minutes, will be held every Tuesday and Wednesday, online only, from 4pm to 5.30pm. The course which is being run under the patronage of the Dicastery for Evangelization, Section for Fundamental Questions of Evangelization in the world, is mainly intended for diocesan officials dealing with the 2025 Jubilee, Catholic RE teachers, catechists, pastoral workers and anyone else interested in the topic.

The course will cover scriptural, theological, historical, spiritual, devotional, and pastoral elements of the Jubilee. Registration is open from 3 June to 2 October 2024. For further information contact  or go to the website: -2025/




1. The Jewish Jubilee and the Holy Year: similarities and differences.

Giuseppe Pulcinelli


2. Pilgrimage in the life of pietyof Christians: shrines, devotion and penance.

Luigi de Palma


3. Mercy, forgiveness and reconciliation: the plenary indulgence, doctrine and practice.

Antonio Donato


4. Mercy, forgiveness, reconciliation: the view of the Reformation.

Lothar Vogel


5. Rites, symbols and memories of the Holy Years.

Angelo Lameri


6. Memories of Holy Years in the city of Rome.

Nicola Gadaleta


7. Themes of the Holy Years.

Riccardo Ferri


8. "Saved by hope" (Rom 8:24).

Antonio Pitta


9. Holy Years in the local Churches.

Giuseppe Dibisceglia


10. Rome the holy city: the geography of holy places and the veneration of relics.

Philip Lovison