Discover the “Notes on Prayer”

Discover the "Notes on Prayer" Discover the "Notes on Prayer"

Discover the “Notes on Prayer”


The “Notes on Prayer” series, promoted by the Dicastery, is made up of eight short booklets, available to Episcopal Conferences and diocesan communities. This is a useful aid to help people to deepen and rediscover the centrality of prayer in the various forms that the Spirit has inspired and continues to inspire. For the Italian version the Vatican Publishing House has already published the first volume written by Cardinal Angelo Comastri, Praying today: A challenge to be won, with a Preface by Pope Francis. The booklet can be purchased online.


The following booklets will be published in the near future:


Praying with the Psalms, Gianfranco Ravasi (February 2024)

The Prayer of Jesus, Juan López Vergara (February 2024)

Praying with Saints and Sinners, Paul Murray OP (March 2024)

The Parables of Prayer, Antonio Pitta (March 2024)

The Church in Prayer, Carthusian Monks (March 2024)

The Prayer of Mary and the Saints, Catherine Aubin (April 2024)

The Prayer that Jesus taught us: ‘Our Father’, Ugo Vanni (April 2024)