“The Jubilee is for the people”. Archbishop Fisichella is the guest on the Italian TV program “A Sua Immagine”

08 April 2024


On Sunday 7 April the Pro-Prefect of the Dicastery for Evangelization, Archbishop Fisichella, was a guest in the studio, with Lorena Bianchetti, in the Rai 1 show "A Sua Immagine", to talk about the journey of the coming months towards the Jubilee. The Holy Year, he said,  will be celebrated with intense faith, living hope and active charity.

Telling the story of the pilgrimage towards the Jubilee helps people to understand the path that the Church is called to take, so as to be an ever better sign and instrument of unity amid the harmony of diversity.

Since Boniface VIII established the first Holy Year in 1300, the faithful have seen this event as a special gift of grace, marked by the forgiveness of sins and the Jubilee indulgence, which is itself a manifestation of divine mercy.

“The Jubilee was born from the will of the people and in the organization we are putting in place we keep this in mind: the Jubilee is an event of the people, not of the elite. It finds its origins in popular spirituality which is very important," underlined Pro-Prefect Fisichella.

Agostino Giovagnoli, a historian, and professor at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, also spoke in the program, providing an overview of the long history of Jubilee Years which, as Pope Francis has pointed out, are events of great spiritual, ecclesial and social importance for the life of the Church and the life of the faithful.