‘In Cammino’ returns with the first stop on the 2024 journey towards the Jubilee: Plankstetten Abbey in Bavaria

19 February 2024



On February 24th the ‘In Cammino’ journey through the abbeys of Europe reached Plankstetten, in Bavaria. The word ‘Earth’ is the backdrop to the series of visits, which began in 2023. The experience, which was the idea of Livia Pomodoro, President of the Spazio Teatro No'hma as a preparation for the Jubilee, will see journeys across Europe from 2023 to 2025, covering 7 countries (England, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium , Switzerland, Italy) and 14 of the most prestigious Abbeys on the continent, many of which are UNESCO heritage sites.


‘In Cammino will involve three main elements of ‘journey’ – one for each of the three years of the project: leaving (2023), travelling (2024), and arriving (2025). At each stage, in collaboration with the Treccani Institute, a word is proposed which guides the activities of the meeting. “As an initial stop for the second year of our journey,” underlined Livia Pomodoro, “we chose Plankstetten Abbey both for its imposing beauty, which has its roots in the history of Bavaria, but also because for many years, not only locally, it has been a guiding light for sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture and livestock farming."


In the stop at Plankstetten Abbey, the first of 2024, a conference was held on organic excellence in Europe, followed by a meeting with Chiara Montanari, the first woman to lead an expedition to Antarctica, who spoke of her experience, and finally a concert of medieval music entitled ‘Come and Praise’ with the Micrologus Ensemble, performing Italian medieval lauds and music from the time of St Francis of Assisi. Also participating in the conference were the Abbot of Plankstetten Very Rev. Fr. Dr Beda Maria Sonnenberg OSB and the Subprior Rev. Fr. Bonifatius Holzmann OSB.


The ’In Cammino’ project was founded with the aim of proposing a modern pilgrimage which will have as its route the symbolic places of European history and spirituality, ending the journey in Rome in the Holy Year.


All information on the website: https://www.in-cammino.eu/plankstetten/