Pope Francis invites Catholic Action to take part in the Jubilee: “There is a need for people shaped by the Spirit”

26 April 2024


“Be ‘pilgrims of hope’, to quote the motto of the Jubilee now approaching. Be men and women capable of forging and following new and challenging paths…”In these words, yesterday morning, Pope Francis addressed around 50,000 members of Italian Catholic Action, who had come from all over Italy and gathered in St. Peter's Square for the national meeting with the Holy Father. “There is a need for people shaped by the Spirit,” said the Pope, inviting children, young people and adults to meet in Rome in 2025 for the Holy Year. He added: “I invite you to be ‘athletes and standard-bearers of synodality’, in the dioceses and parishes of which you are part, to encourage the full implementation of the path taken so far..."