Jubilee roadworks in Via dei Corridori, Fisichella: “The Jubilee is not far away but I am very optimistic”

18 January 2024


The Jubilee construction works in via dei Corridori in the Borgo area of Rome, where the redevelopment of the cobblestone paving is taking place, is progressing well and will be completed by the summer.

This was the guarantee given by the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, who visited the site on Tuesday 16 January together with the councillor for public works Ornella Segnalini and Archbishop Rino Fisichella, Pro-Prefect of the Dicastery for Evangelization who was entrusted by the Holy Father with the organization of the 2025 Jubilee.


The works on Via dei Corridori are part of the redevelopment plan for historic pavements which will affect 14 kilometers of steeets in Rome. The construction site, which opened last November 13th, after the redevelopment of Largo del Colonnato, is proceeding on Via dei Corridori’s pedestrian area. In the coming weeks, the works will progressively extend to via Rusticucci, via dell'Erba, vicolo dell'Inferriata, vicolo del Campanile and Borgo Sant'Angelo.


“I am very optimistic after having seen the speed with which the work is progressing,” said Archbishop Fisichella. “We are now entering the heart of the organization of this major event and we are in daily contact with episcopal conferences around the world. A lot of anticipation is felt but also a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of collaboration.”


“We are moving forward with the program of redevelopment and improvement of the pedestrian walkways and historic pavements that will be used by the flows of pilgrims arriving for the Jubilee.” explained Mayor Gualtieri.


“Via dei Corridori,” said  councillor Segnalini, “is a significant road axis, which connects Piazza San Pietro to Piazza Pia and during the Jubilee many groups of pilgrims will use it.  The road has been in need of redevelopment for some time and now the Csimu Department, thanks to Jubilee funds, is carrying out these works that require competence and expertise.”