Jubilee: the communication campaign about the construction work begins

04 December 2023


The first communication campaign dedicated to the Jubilee construction sites in the city of Rome starts in December. “Rome for the Jubilee. The Jubilee for Rome” is the slogan chosen to express the link between the city and the Jubilee event. This was underlined in the statement issued by the Rome civic authorities on Sunday 3 December.

They stated: “The same spirit of partnership and collaboration animates all the institutions and bodies involved in the intense urban transformation activity which is aimed at making the city even more welcoming, inclusive and beautiful in preparation for the Jubilee year. Even the graphic chosen - lines that cross the city - represents the desire to welcome and embrace the entire city, without excluding any neighborhood or area. The colors, in turn, represent Italy and its government, the Holy See, the city of Rome and the Lazio Region, in a fusion of intent towards a shared goal.

“Hence the choice of a campaign which will be run in different languages and which will be featured on over 300 billboard systems throughout the city, especially in areas where construction work is to be undertaken. The aim is to show the works in progress to the general public for the first time.

“This will be a moment of great urban transformation, at the heart of which there is a clear and timely plan which we want to share with the citizens of Rome. Thanks to the campaign, the construction sites – of which citizens can often only see the covered perimeter – will be revealed, so that people can see what is planned. Even if it’s only a virtual image for now, it will give them an idea of the final result and the benefit that will derive from it for the entire city. The campaign represents a fusion of history, beauty and art, which, with the help of technology, will assist the citizens of Rome and visitors to the Eternal City to catch a glimpse of the future that awaits them."