Jubilee 2025, Pope Francis: “We need it more than ever”

09 January 2024


On 8 January, in the Vatican’s Blessing Hall, during the audience with the members of the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See, for the presentation of greetings for the new year, the Holy Father Francis highlighted the importance of the Jubilee as a memorial of God's mercy for his people.


“Perhaps today more than ever we need the Jubilee Year,” said the Pope. “In the face of so much suffering, which causes desperation not only in the people directly affected, but in all our societies; for our young people, who instead of dreaming of a better future often feel helpless and frustrated; and in the face of the darkness of this world, which seems to be spreading rather than receding, the Jubilee is the announcement that God never abandons his people and always keeps the doors of his Kingdom open."


The Holy Father then underlined the importance of this privileged time - a favorable period for Christians and non-Christians to "turn our swords into ploughshares", to pray for peace between nations and against war, and experience God's mercy in our lives.


To mark this year in which the Church is preparing for the Jubilee, which will begin next Christmas, the Holy Father Francis also expressed particular thanks to Italy’s national and local authorities, for their commitment to preparing the city of Rome to welcome numerous pilgrims and thus allow them to draw spiritual fruits from the Jubilee journey.