Jubilee 2025, Brasilia event shows enthusiasm of the Brazilian Church for the Holy Year

31 January 2024


The national meeting organized by the Brazilian Episcopal Conference to prepare for the 2025 Jubilee ended last night in the Dom Luciano House in Brasilia. As Archbishop Fisichella reiterated during Tuesday's work session, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from Brazil are expected in Rome for the Holy Year. There is great enthusiasm in the Brazilian Church which is already at work in organizing the great celebration of faith that awaits the people of God next year.

The two-day conference, which involved around 300 delegates for the Jubilee from all over the country, including dozens of bishops, ended with a Mass, presided over by Archbishop Fisichella, in the Sanctuary of São Francisco de Assis. “Faith not only gives life a meaning that allows us to see God's action in our existence, but it transforms us and resurrects us through love,” underlined the Archbishop during the Mass homily, taken from the Gospel of Mark. “Brothers and sisters, let us also draw closer to Jesus, like Jairus and the hemorrhaging woman did, and though aware of our weaknesses and shortcomings, let us find the strength to touch his cloak, to throw ourselves at his feet and tell the whole truth. Let us allow ourselves to be touched by him, we will find salvation in his gaze and in his words."

Faith, however, as Saint Paul suggests, is intrinsically linked to Hope, the theological virtue which will be the theme of the 2025 Jubilee. “Hope is a gift granted by the Holy Spirit which allows us to carry out actions that could otherwise never be achieved,” the Archbishop said at the conclusion of the national meeting. “Hope is a true call to live by the Spirit and in obedience to his word to achieve a deep understanding of life. In other words, hope allows believers to see what riches have been given to them by the new life of baptism."

The Jubilee of Hope will also be an opportunity to reach the hearts of many people who live far from our communities and, in general, far from the world of faith, added Monsignor Fisichella, before bidding the attendees farewell and giving them an appointment to meet again in Rome next year.