The Jubilee Control Room has been inaugurated

25 May 2024


The Jubilee Control Room, where the supervision and coordination of the Jubilee events planned for 2025 will take place, has been inaugurated by the Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, who also serves as the Italian Government’s Extraordinary Commissioner for the Jubilee 2025. The ceremony took place on the morning of 25 March.

The new facility will act as an operational control room, located within Rome City Council’s Heritage Department in the Garbatella district, and will monitor the success of next year's Jubilee.

The "Control Room" will be used for all major Jubilee events to be held in Italy and will have more than 3000 new CCTV cameras available for widespread monitoring of the areas of Jubilee activities to swiftly highlight any issues of concern.

The inauguration took place with the participation of an official from the Vatican’s Dicastery for Evangelization, accompanied by representatives of the Vatican Gendarmerie. Also present at the opening of the new facility were the Head of the Reception Project for the Jubilee, Dr. Agostino Miozzo, and representatives of the Department of Civil Protection of the Italian Government, the Prefecture and the Police Force of Rome, the Fire Brigade, the Carabinieri, regional Civil Protection officials, members of Volunteering projects, the Ares 118 Special Operations Unit and Rome Mobility Services.

Roma Capitale, the city council of Rome, was represented by personnel from the Tourist and Business Services Directorate which has the task of assisting pilgrims, Roma Capitale Police, the Civil Protection, the Press Office, the Cybersecurity and Urban Security department, the city’s infrastructure department, Environment and Urban planning, Social Services and the Health Department.

To test the technical and operational capabilities of the new facility, an exercise was held in conjunction with World Children's Day, organized in the presence of the Holy Father on Saturday 25 May at the Olympic stadium and Sunday 26 May in St. Peter's Square.

For the event at the Olympic Stadium, 400 Civil Protection volunteers, 142 buses, and 60 shuttle buses were deployed to transport the participants to and from the venues, in a surveillance operation which saw approximately 2500 CCTV cameras of the Roma Capitale police force used.

The Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, commented: “We are working with the utmost commitment, in collaboration with all the extraordinary professionals who are here [present in the Jubilee Control Room], to ensure the best possible success of the Jubilee and major events in Rome”.