The Sub-commissions are back – working on the organization of the 35 great Jubilee events

13 February 2024

The work of the Sub-commissions responsible for organizing the 35 major Jubilee events of the Holy Year shows no sign of letting up. In the past week, Archbishop Fisichella met with 11 working groups in the offices of the Dicastery for Evangelization.

The Sub-commissions which have already met for the third time, include the group charged with the organization of the Jubilee of the World of Communication, which will be the first Holy Year event and will be held from 24 to 26 January 2025, and the Sub-commission for the Jubilee of Artists, which will be celebrated from 16 to 18 February 2025.

Also on their third meetings are the Sub-committees in charge of the Jubilee of the Armed Forces, Police and Security Personnel (8-9 February 2025), the Jubilee celebrations of people with disabilities (28-30 April 2025), the Jubilee of Adolescents (25-27 April 2025) and of Children (24-25 May 2025) , the Workers' Jubilee (1-4 May 2025),  the Jubilee of the Sick and Healthcare Workers (5-6 April 2025), the Jubilee of Bands (10-11 May 2025) the Jubilee of Confraternities (16-18 May 2025), the Jubilee of Seminarians (23-24 June 2025) and that of Priests (26-27 June 2025), the Jubilee of Choirs (22-23 November 2025), and, finally, the Jubilee of Church Movements, Associations and new Communities (7-8 June 2025).