'From Tourist to Pilgrim': Let yourself be transformed!

As we prepare to live and celebrate the 2025 Jubilee Year, Vatican Media presents a 16-episode series of podcasts entitled “From Tourist to Pilgrim” featuring art historian Liz Lev, who highlights the hidden beauty of Rome through the lens of pilgrimage.

11 June 2024
By Linda Bordoni “From Tourist to Pilgrim” is Vatican Media series of podcasts featuring the knowledge, insights and presence of Liz Lev, designed to help us prepare for the 2025 Jubilee by accompanying pilgrims along their journey through Rome’s Basilicas, holy places and works of art. The original music score was composed by Vatican Radio’s Mara Miceli and by Umberto D’Auria. Mara also produced the podcasts directed by Johana Bronkova. But for more about what’s in the 16 podcasts that make ...
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