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Spain - San Pietro in Montorio


The original church, which dated back to mediaeval times and was under the care of the Celestine monks of the order of Celestine V, was demolished in the year 1400 to make way for a larger structure under the care of the Franciscan friars. The Franciscans quickly realised that there was a need for an immediate renovation when it became known that the church had a link to St Peter. In fact, the building stands on the spot where, according to one tradition, the Apostle Peter was crucified.

Between 1481 and 1500, the new structure was built, financed by the king and queen of Spain, Ferdinand V and Isabella of Castile, in fulfilment of a vow they made to obtain an heir. Between 1502 and 1509, the great architect Donato Bramante built a majestic tempietto to the right of the church, on the spot where, according to legend, St Peter was crucified upside down.