Spain gears up for the Jubilee

18 March 2024


The Secretariat set up by the Spanish Episcopal Conference for the upcoming Holy Year has released its program of liturgical and pastoral preparations for the Jubilee 2025.

The Secretariat, coordinated by the Director Francisco Julián Romero Galván, aims to “coordinate, encourage, promote and guide the work of the Jubilee in the dioceses of Spain following the guidelines of the Dicastery for Evangelization of the Holy See by making liturgical, pastoral and social suggestions to assist the Spanish faithful to experience the Jubilee in their own lives and achieve the objectives contained in the motto Pilgrims of hope."

To this end, the Secretariat is working actively to disseminate the eight-volume series, ‘Notes on Prayer’, published by BAC for Spain.

It will also offer diocesan leaders materials for community prayer to be used in parishes and/or worship centers every month, from March to October. These prayer materials will be an aid to prayer based on the contents of each of the booklets.

Also during 2024, the Spanish Bishops’ Conference is developing some catechetical material, to be used next October and November, focused on the meaning of the Jubilee and the importance of living it as a pilgrimage towards the Lord.

The Secretariat is also inviting all the faithful to learn and recite the Jubilee Prayer prepared by Pope Francis, which underlines the importance of being ‘Pilgrims of Hope’, together with the text and music of the official Hymn, as a help to enter the holy season of Jubilee.