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The Basilica of Sant'Agostino in Campo Marzio


Built in 1483 by Jacopo da Pietrasanta, on the site of a previous place of worship dedicated to San Trifone, this church is an artistic and spiritual jewel in the heart of Rome. Commissioned by Cardinal Guglielmo d'Estouteville, its façade contains stones from the Colosseum.

The interior, which is full of works of art, boasts frescoes by Raphael and there is an illustrious library, the Biblioteca Angelica. The main chapel, designed by Orazio Torriani, dates back to 1628. Caravaggio's work "The Madonna of the Pilgrims," in the Cavalletti chapel, is a revolutionary representation of the Virgin Mary, as a welcoming figure, close to the cares of everyday life. The basilica is a monument steeped in history and art, a monument to Saint Augustine's vision of building a just and noble world, a true ‘city of God’.